Forex Broker PSP


Forex Broker PSP

The Forex industry is regarded as the most active market all throughout the world. Thus the Forex market offers an excellent opportunity for all the brokers to make profits on currency trades. We at Forex PSP developed a seamless PSP system. More often it serves as a bridge between the currency trading platform and its users.

Generally our Forex Broker PSP is designed in such a way that the merchant can easily integrate the payment gateway into their own platforms. In turn, it allows brokers to easily accept transactions from their dedicated clients. The gateway transfers the sum collected from the user’s example trading fees to the broker’s merchant account. In exchange for the services our payment service provider deducts a percentage based or a fixed fee from each transaction before distributing the funds to the merchant.

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Why Choose Forex Broker PSP?

Trading on the Forex market and making money through currency exchange rates and values are becoming more popular on a yearly basis. As the numbers of customers are increasing on a day to day basis so it is becoming a necessary thing for all the brokers to open a merchant account in order to accept payment from the traders.

At this juncture our Forex Broker PSP plays a crucial role. Since our gateway works seamlessly with our merchant accounts so that the brokers can easily integrate it within their system. The Forex Broker PSP is designed in such a way that it keeps your client information secure and also prevents fraudulent activities. At the same time, it also stops unnecessary chargeback.

Furthermore, our payment gateway also offer decent currency exchange rate so that it doesn’t at all discourage the brokers to accept payment from their clients. Since Forex Brokers makes profit from trading fees, a cost-effective payment gateway is crucial to keep their business profitable.

Some of the features of our Forex Broker PSP are as follows:

  • check Best pricing and commission rates
  • check Multi-currency payment processing
  • check Modern anti-fraud security filter
  • check Possibility to create a blocking list
  • check Unlimited number of transactions

Our Forex Broker PSP also offers services for companies in low risk industries. Apart from that, even we offer high risk merchant solutions for licensed Forex businesses that often comply with the appropriate regulatory laws. With the aid of our Forex Broker PSP we offer protection from fraudulent activities and secure financial transactions.

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