Why choose Forex PSP E-wallet?

Forex brokers nowadays receive payment with the aid of the E-wallets PSP available in the market. Brokers companies around the world encourages their clients to send the commission with the aid of e-wallet payment gateway. They prefer the e-wallet than that of wire transfer solutions because it is easy to use and you can receive your payment very quickly.

At times, Brokers do also receive extra bonuses or rebates once they receive the payment from their valuable clients. This not only encourage them to prefer this mode of payment but it is also safe and secured to use.

The e-wallets can also be integrated by the brokers with their own Forex software. When any sensitive transaction takes place they use 128 bit encryption level so that details of your merchant account doesn’t get revealed.

Benefits of using E-wallet:

Forex PSP offer easy to integrate E-wallet link so that the brokers can easily integrate with their own Forex software. The E-wallets comes with a fraud scrub technology which tracks down any kind of fraudulent activities that takes place at the time of any sensitive transaction. It also prevents all kinds of money laundering activities and has an additional anti scam technology to prevent any kind of scam.

With the aid of our E-wallet psp we accept payment over 100 currencies from around 200 countries. We also secure data transfer with PCI level 1 compliance.



10 million brokers


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80+ currencies used


196+ countries of clients


E-wallets a perfect payment gateway:

With the aid of our E-wallet payment gateway brokers can receive their payments securely. We integrate all kinds of technical advancement within our payment gateway so that you can do sensitive transactions without letting your account information going public.