Bank Wire Solution

What are Bank wire solutions?

Bank wire solutions are regarded as the most popular form of payment solutions that is widely used for Forex trading accounts. It is used mainly because of the security of transactions and inherent advantage offered by them to the brokers company. Forex Brokers around the globe regards Bank wire solutions as the most legitimate form of payment gateway. One can use this payment gateway to deposit funds in variety of online accounts. More specifically the brokers can use this to receive or deposit fund in their merchant accounts. Some of the features of it are as follows:

checl This PSP service also prevents all kinds of financial scams
checl It also prevents all kinds of fraudulent activities
checl Bank wire transfers prevents money laundering activities
checl It allows you to transfer large sum of money
checl Bank Wire solutions is regarded as the most secure form of payment solutions as regarded by the Forex brokers
checl Deposit and cash out are carried out in a more secured way

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Why choose Forex PSP Bank wire solutions?

We at Forex PSP designed the bank wire solutions in such a way that being a broker you can seamlessly receive money from your client directly into your merchant account. Our bank wire solutions already has become very popular with the brokers company since it is easy to use and doesn’t require to jump through hoops in order to receive money from the traders. Furthermore, brokers handling all the transactions through online banking method turn out to be an efficient option for them.

checl Bank wire solutions help the brokers to receive money without any worries from their clients
checl If you avail bank wire solutions from a reputed bank then it will prevent fraudulent activities
checl Bank wire solutions keeps your transaction at check as it prevent money laundering activities
checl Lastly, bank wire solutions is regarded as the white label solution provider
checl As the brokerage depends on collecting commissions from their clients, so they prefer to use bank wire solutions. It will keep their money flow unhindered.
checl It follows certain protocol and technicalities so that brokers money transfer with the client take place securely

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Benefits of Bank wire solutions:

Our Bank wire solutions is designed in such a way that it is easy to integrate for the brokers with their own software. In the world of Forex brokerage bank wire solutions offers reliability, and security to our brokers as the transfer of money takes place very safely. Furthermore, bank wire solutions also enable all the brokers to receive large sum of transactions from their clients without any kinds of worries. Lastly, as our bank wire solutions has been developed by following lots of technicalities so no fraudulent transaction can take place.

checl Bank wire solutions allow you receive large sum of transactions without any hassle
checl Bank wire solutions prevents all kinds of fraudulent activities
checl For the brokers bank wire solutions offers transparency regarding all the transactions that takes place with your clients
checl It is a straight forward payment solution where you can receive from your clients directly be it in any part of the world
checl This payment gateway allows brokers to easily move the profits earned from the payments of their clients to their own merchant accounts
checl This payment gateway also prevents scam and money laundering activities as it goes through a lot of technicalities when it is developed by our expert

Bank Wire Solutions offer secured transaction facility:

In the world of Forex trading, bank wire solutions offer secure way of receiving payment especially for the brokers. We at Forex PSP developed our bank wire solution by using various modern and robust security systems. At the same time, we also used fraud scrub technology which prevents any kind of fraudulent transactions.

Furthermore, brokers who are receiving payment through our bank wire PSP doesn’t need to worry about it because we stay compliant with the CSI’s wire transfer service. In turn, as a broker you can receive all kinds of transactions without any kind of hassle.


Advantages of Automated Wire Software

Create and approve wire transfers through a self-service model.